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Who We Are


Carol Penman, a mother of two, had always wanted to give her children, and others in Ocotepeque, the chance to grow up speaking English.   Knowing how important a tool the English language can be to Hondurans, Carol acted upon her desire.  In 1999, with the help of her mother, Alba Gloria Penman, Carol started My Little Red House Bilingual School. What started off as a kindergarten with a dozen students has now become a full-bilingual elementary school that will see its inaugural class finish the 3rd grade in November.

My Little Red House Bilingual School remains standing today thanks to the tremendous support of the parents, who entrusted us with the education of their children when we were just a project, along with the many people who have donated their time and money to help arm our children with the English language.  Thanks to those contributions we have been able to to keep our tuition extremely low, and and we continue to offer scholarships to a large portion of our students.

Now that we have created one of the most prestigious schools in Ocotepeque, and the only full-bilingual school in the city, we hope to take the next step in assuring a quality, bilingual education to the children of our community.   Within the next year we hope to break ground on the property we have set aside to build a school house and physical education area large enough to house grades pre-K through 6th.  To accomplish this goal we will need the continued support of all and more.  In the past four years we have built a base and set a precedent, and now with your help we hope to expand on that.